Name of the Parish: Amani
Address: P.O. Box 54, Amani, Tanzania
Phone: 255-784729517
Parish Patron: Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 1985


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Stanslaus Baruti
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters: Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU)

Sundays: 9:00AM
Weekdays: 7:00AM

OUTSTATIONS: (8) Amani, Kwamkoro, Ngua, Monga, Mgambo, Bulwa IBC Msasa, Kwemdimu, & Fanusi



Kindergarten: 5
Primary: 16
Secondary: 3

Hospital: 0
Health Center: 1
Dispensary: 7



Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace: the patroness of our parish, pray for us!


Amani, Kwamkoro, Ngua, Monga, Mgambo, Bulwa IBC Msasa, Kwemdimu and Fanusi


a). Parish Location
Amani Parish is located in the middle of eastern Usambara Mountains. The parish is surrounded by a number of tea plantations. There is only one country road, which connects many rural roads from various tea plantations and area villages. Then this road connects this area with the village of Bombani at the foot of the mountain and then to Muheza Township.

b). Its Origin
Amani parish was originally an outstation of Muheza Parish. Rev. Fr. Jackie Reid, I.C who was the priest in-charge of Muheza Parish, founded Amani Parish. In 1970s Fr. Reid started to build a church in Amani. The construction of the church was completed in early 1985. Bishop Maurus Kombaconsecrated the church in May 27, 1985. Fr. Reid then started to build the priest house (rectory), which has now been turned into the sisters’ convent.

c). People of Amani Parish
Indigenous people in Amani area are the Sambaa. There are many other people from other parts of Tanzania who came to work in the tea plantations, Amani Malaria Research center and the school system. Local people engage in small scale farming of spices and many other agricultural crops.

d). Transition
In 1996 the Rosminian missionary priests handed over the parish to the diocese and the bishop appointed Rev. Fr. Stanislaus Baruti to be the first diocesan priest to head this parish.

e). Current Developments
Since his ministry in Amani Parish ,Fr. Baruti has been very instrumental in transforming the parish to higher level of ministries. He has opened a very attractive spiritual center open to all people to come and spiritually renew themselves.

f). COLU Sisters in the Parish
There is a team of sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara who ministers in this parish. Their ministry in this parish is very vital and continues to brighten the spirit of the Gospel in this area.

g). Native Priests
Up to this moment there is no native priest from this parish.