Name of the Parish: Mtindiro
Address: P.O. Box 122, Muheza, Tanzania
Phone: +255784403177/ +255715403177
Parish Patron: St. Francis Xavier 
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 2006


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Elius Maivaji
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters: None

Sundays: 10:00AM
Weekdays: 6:30AM

Mtindiro, Makuyuni, Buhuri, Lewa, Kwakopwe na Kwabada



Primary: 6
Secondary: 1
Colleges: 0

Health Center:0
Dispensary: 1



St. Francis Xavier: the patron of our parish, pray for us!


Mtindiro is a famous village well known of oranges. The village is located few kilometers south of Muheza Township along the country road which connects the townships of Muheza and Pangani through Boza. For a long time Mtindiro was a famous outstation of Muheza Parish. Priests who came to minister in Mtindiro (and its neighboring outstations), came were from Muheza Parish.
Many people from this village and other villages around here are from the Bondei tribe. Due to good fertility in this land, many other people from other parts of the country came to settle here. Many of these were formally employees in sisal plantations. The crash of the sisal production in the world market let many of its employees to resort into agriculture. Due to this Mtindiro has a mixture of many people with roots connected to Ruvuma, Iringa, Njombe, Mbeya, and even Kigoma and Morogoro.
Mtindiro has always been a very active outstation in the life of faith as well as in economic life due to its diversity of people from all over the country. This had led them to well established their outstation and participate fully in the life of the parish. It has always been very generous to the needs of the parish. For a long time the faithful in the area have participated actively to the well being of the outstation.
In 2006, the Most Rev. Bishop Anthony Banzi commissioned Rev. Fr. Nazzareno Natale, I.C. to establish a new parish in Mtindiro. Fr. Nazzareno arrived here at the outstation and when he got a piece of land from the village, he began building the church and after its completion, he built up the priests’ house (rectory).
Upon completion of this parish, the bishop came to bless it. St. Francis Xavier became the patron of this parish. Later, Fr. Nazzareno gave the parish back to the bishop. In 2011, the bishop appointed Rev. Fr. Elias Maivaji to be the first diocesan priest to be a resident priest and a priest in-charge of this new parish.
The priest native from this parish is: Bernard Chissi (1994) (R.I.P. – 2011).