The Name of the Parish: Muheza
Address: P.O. Box 83, Muheza, Tanzania
Phone: +255685246999
Parish Patron: Resurrection of Jesus
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 1969


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Martin Kihiyo
Assisting Priest(s): Rev. Ernest Kipingu
Religious Sisters: None

Sundays: 7:00AM, 9:15AM, & 4:00PM (Children)
Weekdays: 6:00AM (Rosmini), 6:30AM (Parish) & 7:00AM (Kididima)

Muheza, Bombani, Nkumba, Muheza Estate, Mkumbi, Kitisa, Mamboleo, Ngalani, Mkuzi, Masaika, & Mindu

Rosminian Sisters Formation House, P.O. Box 5450, Tanga, Tanzania.
Kididima Health Center (COLU), P.O. Box 130, Muheza, Tanzania.


Primary: 29
Secondary: 12
Colleges: 3

Hospital: 1
Health Center: 3
Dispensary: 7



Jesus of Resurrection: patron of our parish, have mercy on us.


Muheza, Bombani, Nkumba, Muheza Estate, Mkumbi, Kitisa, Mamboleo, Ngalani, Mkuzi, Masaika, Mindu, Makuyuni, Buhuri, Lewa, Kwakopwe, Mtindiro, Kilulu, and Kwabada.


This is the only parish in Muheza Township. It is located about 35 Kms west from the city of Tanga along the highway from Tanga to Korogwe.  Before it became a parish, Muheza was an outstation of Mlingano Parish.
In 1969 Most Rev. Bishop Arthurs with the help of Fr. Jack Raid built the church in this place. He also built a small house for the priests. It was during the leadership of Fr. Tom Coffey when another permanent house for the priests was built. After the construction of the priests’ residency, Fr. Coffey handed the parish to the diocese.  Fr. Vincent Ushaki was the first diocesan parish to serve in this parish.
Currently, the Rosminian Sisters have established their novitiate house outside Muheza. At the same time sisters of Our Lady of Mount Usambara  (COLU) have started the settlement as well as the Health Center in Kididima within Muheza Township. These two establishments have added special witness of the Gospel life. The presence of sisters in this community continues the work of evangelization in the area. Up to this moment, the priests from the parish minister in these two establishments.
The end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century has featured the increase of population in all parts of Tanzania. This feature has been experienced in Muheza Township where the population has increased and the people’s settlements have expanded largely. This increase has also expanded the population of Catholics who attend at Muheza Parish for their spiritual/pastoral needs. Due to this the current church building, which was built in 1969, has just become smaller to accommodate the number of people. In recent years, the parish administration under Rev. Fr. Martin Kihiyo, its priest in-charge, decided to begin building a much bigger church building which will face this challenge. The construction project of this new building started in 2008 and it is estimated that the building will be ready sometimes this year 2013. All parishioners and the friends of the parish in and outside the parish are involved to contribute towards the construction of this new church building. The new building has the capacity of accommodating 1000 (one thousand) people at once. The 1969 church building, which is still used up to this moment, can only sit 150 (one hundred and fifty) people and leave so many people outside during church liturgies.
The parishioners of Muheza are joyful and energized in this process of building their new worshipping place which will provide enough space of worship for many.
Until now, there is no native priest from this parish