Name of the Parish: St. Mathias Mulumba
Address: P.O. Box 53, Tanga, Tanzania
Phone: +255754389470/ +255715389470
Parish Patron: St. Mathias Mulumba
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 1990


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Paul Mshami
Assisting Priest(s): Fr. Maurus Shemdoe, Fr. Roman Shekumkai
Religious Sisters: Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU)

Sundays: 6:30A, 7:30A, 9:30A & 4:00P (Children)
Weekdays: 6:15A





Health Center:



St. Mathias Mulumba: the patron of our parish, pray for us !


Usagara Parish is one of three major parishes in the city of Tanga. The other two parishes are the St. Anthony Cathedral Parish in Chumbageni Area and St. Theresa Parish in 20th Street/Mabawa area. Up to 1987 Catholic residents in this part of the city were commuting to attend church services either at the Cathedral parish or at St. Theresa. The number of Catholics as well as people of other religions was growing up rapidly and many newcomers began to build up permanent houses in the area. This population growth in this area created a need for the diocese to start a new worshipping center in this area.
1987 Fr. Gerard Smith, I.C who was both the priest in charge at St. Anthony Cathedral parish as well as the diocesan treasurer general secured a plot of land for an outstation. He started building a church in this area of the city at that time. When the church was completed, Fr. Smith proceeded to build up the priests’ house (rectory) and the sisters’ house (convent). Rt. Rev. Bishop Telesphor Mkude consecrated the Church on December 31, 1989.
This outstation was elevated to be a parish level on May 25, 1990 and the bishop assigned Rev. Fr. Casmir Shekibuah to be the first priest in-charge of the new parish.
Usagara Parish has been graced to have the ministry of the sisters from the Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara. Their ministry is very vital to the spiritual wellbeing of this parish.
By the end of the 20th Century and the beginning of the 21st Century there have been an increase of population in the City of Tanga and many other places of the country. The increasing of the population, which also impacted the increasing number of the Catholics in these areas surrounding St. Mathias Mulumba Parish, continued to challenge the quality of the pastoral infrastructure of the parish. The original church, which continues to be used to this time, is small. The church was initially built as an outstation of St. Anthony Cathedral Parish. By the beginning of the 21st Century, the parish administration meditated to have a bigger worship building to accommodate the current population. This desire was accepted by the diocesan administration. The parish had a breaking ground ceremony for the new church on Ash Wednesday 2004. The financial support of the parishioners and friends of the parish do the construction of this new church. The construction work still continues up to this moment. When the building is completed, it will sit about 1,200 (One thousand and two hundred) people at once. The current church building only sits 200 (two hundred) people and leaves many people standing during Sunday masses.
The parishioners of St. Mathias Mulumba Parish are so much excited with the construction of their new place of worship. Their joy continues to invite them for more sacrifice to make their dream of having a better place of worship a reality.

The native priest from this parish is: Paul Ngayomela, C.PP.S (2008).