Name of the Parish: Hale
Address: P.O. Box 483, Korogwe, Tanzania
Phone: +255784418828/ +255718458584
Parish Patron: Virgin Mary, Queen and Mother
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 1974


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Thomas Msagati
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters: Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU)

Sundays: 6:30A, 8:30A, & 4:00P (Children)
Weekdays: 6:30A

Michungwani, Ngojolo, Kwamgwe Kambini, Mihangalani, Kwadoyo, Makinyumbi Station, Muhamba, Mkulumilo, Mbuyuni, Zeneti, Bagamoyo, Mijohoroni, Kilole, Mahanje, Mbambala, Kwakibuyu, and Bwitini

Sisters of Gemma Galgani, Chang’ombe, P.O. Box 220, Korogwe, Tanzania.


Primary: 21
Secondary: 5
Colleges: 0

Hospital: 0
Health Center: 0
Dispensary: 6



Virgin Mary, Queen and Mother: the patroness of our parish, pray for us!


Michungwani, Ngojolo, Kwamgwe Kambini, Mihangalani, Kwadoya, Makinyumbi Station, Muhamba, Mkulumilo, Mbuyuni, Zeneti, Bagamoyo, Mijohoroni, Kilole, Mahanje Mbambala, Kwakibuyu and Bwitini.


The Hale Parish started as an outstation of Potwe Parish. The first outstation church building in this area was at Makinyumbi sisal estate camp which is a very short distance west of the Pangani River along the Tanga-Korogwe high way. The Rosminian priests from Potwe would visit this outstation for holy mass celebrations and other church services. Mostly the Catholics who worshipped in this outstation were employees to the area sisal farm and very few came from the villages around.

In early 1970s the population of Hale and its nearby villages began to increase. Hale began to attract people who were interested in doing small businesses. These people came to start small shops/kiosks to cater services to both residents and travelers.  The expansion of Hale Hydro-electric plant became another factor which brought many people in the area as employees. This new influx of people in the areas also increased the populations of Catholics.

In 1974 Rev. Fr. John Haule (a missionary from the Diocese of Songea) who was working in the diocese was sent to Makinyumbi as priest in residence. The Hale sisal estate management set aside one of its houses in the camp located next to the church for him to live and minister in the area. This was an initial effort to start a new parish in this area. Due to unforeseeable pastoral reasons, Fr. Haule had to leave Makinyumbi back to Potwe . Makinyumbi continued to be the outstation of Potwe Parish.

By early 1980s, the population in the area continued to increase and the little church in Makinyumbi failed to accommodate the increasing number of Catholics. In 1982, Rev. Fr. Francis Quinn, I.C. secured a bigger plot of land from the management of Hale sisal estate to build a parish. The sisal management accepted the request and granted the land to the church. This plot of is where the current parish stands. In this new plot, Fr. Quinn started to build the parish by erecting the sisters’ house. Then he continued with the construction of the bigger church building which became ready in two years times. In 1984, Rt. Rev. Bishop Maurus Komba consecrated the new church and Fr. Quinn became the first priest in-charge of the parish. Fr. Quinn stayed at Hale for a short time and handed the parish back to the Bishop.  Rev. Fr. Gerald Chilambo became the first diocesan priest to become a priest in residence and the priest in charge of Hale Parish after the parish was handed over to the diocese.

The sisters never came to the parish immediately thought their house was ready. For a good number of years the parish priests used the sisters’ house as their primary residence. It was much later during the parish leadership of Rev. Fr. Titus Mdoe when the priests’ house was built. When Rev. Fr. Ernest Seng’enge became the priest in-charge in Hale he petitioned to the leadership of the sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara for a team of sisters to be sent to Hale Parish. That petition became a reality.

The ministry of the sisters in Hale Parish like any all other places is very vital to the spiritual well being of the parish.

The native Priests from Hale Parish are: Aloyce Babene, C.P. (2006), Peter Kagaba (2009), and James Kabosa (2011).