Name of the Parish: Magoma
Address: P.O. Box 598, Magoma, Tanzania
Phone: +255713312067
Patron: St. Joseph, Husband of Virgin Mary 
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 1976


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Severine Msigiti
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters:

Sundays: 7:00AM
Weekdays: 6:00AM

Magoma, Vingo, Kerenge Makaburini, Gombero, Kerenge Mlemwa, Matalawanda, Msamaka, Makumba, Kijango, Kihingo, Mahezangulu, Kulasi, Foroforo, Msiya, Kwetone, Mashewa, Kitivo, Kalalani, & Kigwasi



Kindergarten: 0
Secondary: 3
Colleges: 0

Hospital: 0
Health Center: 1
Dispensary: 2



St. Joseph, Husband of Virgin Mary: the patron of our parish, pray for us!


Vingo, Kerenge Makaburini, Gombero, Kerenge Mlemwa, Matalawanda, Msamako, Makumba, Kijango, Kihingo, Mahezangulu, Kulasi, Foroforo, Mziya, Kwetonge, Mashewa, Kitivo, Kalalani and Kigwasi.


Magoma Parish was originally an outstation of Kilole Parish in Korogwe. Priests from Kilole Parish would come to Magoma area for pastoral ministry and also visit other places around this region for the same purpose. The areas surrounding Magoma are Mlemwa, Makumba, Mashewa, Kulasi, Kerenge, and other surrounding areas. Due to a long distance from Korogwe, the priests visited Magoma and other surrounding outstations would come there once a month or every other month. In the absence of the priests, the catechists would lead most of the Sunday services and even doing funerals.

The Magoma Parish started in 1976 when Rev. Fr. Natale Nazzareno, I.C. was commissioned to build a parish in Magoma. It was envisioned that the presence of the parish in Magoma would both free priests commuting from Kilole Parish to these areas and also would provide Magoma and its surrounding villages more priestly services. Fr. Nazzareno built a church, priests’ house, sisters’ house and a kindergarten school. After the completion of all these buildings, Fr. Nazzareno handed the parish to the bishop who sent in Rev. Fr. Zachary Kayanza as the first diocesan priest to lead the parish.

Though Fr. Nazzareno had envisioned the presence of the ministry of religious sisters in this parish by preparing their house and the building for a nursery school, that vision never materialize up to this moment. These buildings are still empty.

The crash of the sisal products in the world market affected the composition of Magoma Parish as well as many other sisal plantations throughout northeastern Tanzania. Formerly many of Magoma parishioners were employees in the sisal plantation and they lived in the camps owned by the plantations. With the crash of sisal, many employees left the camp and thus left the parish, which was built, next to the camp practically empty. Currently many of the parishioners who come to Magoma Parish church live in a small township of Makangara which is about four miles from the parish. This change has challenge Rev. Fr. Severine Msigiti, the current priest in-charge of Magoma to rethink of how to restructure his parish composition. In 2010 he secured a big plot of land from the management of Magoma Sisal Estate with the goal of building the church which would be closer to many Catholics who live in Makangara. The plot he secured borders the township of Makangara. In 2011 Fr. Msigiti began the construction of the church building which progresses steadily.

Up to this moment, Magoma Parish has not yet gotten any native priest nor native religious sister