Name of the Parish: Manundu
Address: P.O. Box 120, Korogwe, Tanzania
Phone: +255787420464
Patron: St. Augustine of Hippo 
Deanery: Korogwe
Established: 1991


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Alfred Mang’ongo
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters: None

Sundays: 6:30AM & 9:00AM (Then outstations)
Weekdays: 6:00AM

Manundu, Gereza, Msambiazi, Tabora, Mswaha, Bungu, Angulu, Mandera, Majengo, Mafreta, Darajani, & Kwasemangube




Health Center:



St. Augustine of Hippo: the patron of our parish, pray for us!


Manundu, Gereza, Msambiazi, Tabora, Mswaha, Bungu, Ambangulu, Mandera, Majengo, Mafreta, Darajani and Kwasamangube


Originally Manundu area was occupied by native farms. The Nyamwezi and Sukuma people occupied this area and produced a lot of sweet potatoes. The headquarters of Korogwe district moved from Old Korogwe to Manundu in early seventies.  The town grew up slowly from the native farms. As the headquarters of the district, Manundu invited government and non-government employees as well as business people to establish their settlements in the area. Initially the Catholics who lived in Manundu area commuted to Kilole Parish for all church services throughout the year. As the number of Catholics grew up in Manundu area, the Kilole Parish administration established an outstation in Manundu. At the beginning of Manundu outstation, masses were said in one of the classrooms at Boma Primary School. When populations of the attendants increased, the Korogwe Teachers’ College administration offered their cafeteria to be used for Sunday services. Catholics who attended the holy mass in Manundu came not only from Manundu area but also from Magunga Hospital, Kwamkole and Kwasemangube areas.

In mid-1980s Rev. Fr. Sammuel Itatiro (R.I.P) who was the priest in-charge at Kilole Parish at the time secured the land for the future establishment of the Manundu Parish. With the support of parishioners from Manundu area, he secured a big plot of land for establishing a new parish. Though the number of parishioners was increasing in Manundu area, they could not immediately afford to build a modern and big church building to accommodate their needs. It was until the end of 1980s that the diocese was able to get financial support from overseas donors to do so. The work of building the church started in 1989 under the supervision of Rev. Fr. Athanas Meixner, OSB. The construction of the church was completed in May 1990.

The first holy mass in this new church was said on May 27, 1990. The area Catholics who were filled with great joy to have a worshipping place of their own packed the church. The bishop assigned Rev. Fr. Fraternus Mbuya to be the first priest in-charge of the new parish. The Church was consecrated in November 10, 1996 and St. Augustine of Hippo was chosen to be its patron saint.

Though the church was ready to be used, there was no priests’ house. The first priest in-charge was residing at Kilole priest’s residence. The following priest’s in-charge lived in a small building which was initially used as the storage for church building materials. It was much later under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Silas Singano that the parish was able to build a modern priests house. As later development, another building was erected in the parish premises to be a parish kindergarten.

Up to this moment, the parish does not have a native person ordained to the priesthood.