Name of the Parish: Potwe
Address: P.O. Box 41, Mnyusi, Tanzania
Phone: +255654683298/+255784334540
Patron: Jesus Christ, the King
Deanery: Korogwe


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Severine Msemwa
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters: None

Sundays: 8:00AM (then outstations)
Weekdays: 6.30AM

Potwe, Bombwera, Mashewa, Maskati, Mkwakwani, Mnyuzi, Mruazi, & Mhamba


Passionist Fathers Zenneth, P.O. Box 169, Muheza, Tanzania.
Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception of Ivrea, P.O. Box 169, Muheza, Tz


Primary: 13
Secondary: 4
Colleges: 1

Hospital: 0
Health Center: 0
Dispensary: 2



Christ, the king: the patron of our parish, have mercy of us!


Bombwera, Mashewa, Maskati, Mkwakwani, Mnyuzi, Mruazi and Mhamba


This Parish is located about 10 kilometers north of the Tanga-Korogwe highway. It is on the right hand side of the Maguzoni bus station as one travels from Tanga to Korogwe. It is at the foot of Usambara Mountains. Initially Potwe was an outstation of Mlingano Parish. Later it became under Kilole Parish. Priests who were serving Potwe had to take train from Korogwe up to Mnyuzi Railway Station and from there they would walk on foot to Potwe.

Rev. Fr. Sean Madden, I.C. started to build the priests’ residence before the church was built. Later the construction of the church began. The church in Potwe was built by the efforts of the local people with a special help from their parish priests. Rev. Frs. Bredan Bonnelly I.C., Ted Cronin, I.C., Jackie Reid, I.C.  Dick Downing, I.C. and Rt. Rev. Bishop Eugen Arthurs, I.C. are very known to the establishment of this parish in 1953.

Since Potwe and many of its outstations were occupied by people who from southern regions of the country who came to work in sisal plantations, Rt. Rev. Bishop Eugen invited priests from Songea Diocese to help him with ministry in this parish. Rev. Fr. Eligius Kapinga and Rev. Fr. Bernard Ndunguru from Songea Diocese were sent to this parish. They were able to reach the souls of the people from their home areas.

Potwe Parish has been a good example where African priests and White missionaries worked together.  Rev. Fr. Bernard Ndunguru worked together with Rev. Fr. Tom Hubbart, I.C., Rev. Fr. Denis Sweeney, I.C. worked with Rev. Fr. Odilo Mtoi, and Rev. Fr. Benedict Forsight, I.C. worked with Rev. Fr. Ignas Safari.

The priests who worked at Potwe Parish were able to secure funds from the overseas donors for many projects such as a construction of the local primary school, the health center, bringing hydroelectric power in the village and run a very big water project to supply safe water to the population in area.

The native priest from Potwe Parish is: Peter Amandrus Mapunda (2003).