Name of the Parish: Kongoi
Address: P.O. Box 65, Soni, Tanzania
Phone: +255684450397
Patron: St. Patrick
Deanery: Lushoto
Established: 1966


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Leopold Nyandwi
Assisting Priest(s): Fr. Peter Mapunda
Religious Sisters: Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU)

Sundays: 8AM & 3.30PM (children mass)
Weekdays: 6:30AM

Kongoi, Mgwashi, Mlingano, Mhanko, & Yamba


  • Kongoi Dispensary
  • Kongoi Nursery School


Primary: 17
Secondary: 3
Colleges: 0

Hospital: 1
Health Center: 1
Dispensary: 2



Mt. Patriki: mlinzi wa parokia yetu, utuombee!


Mgwashi, Mlingano, Mhanko and Yamba.


Nkongoi is located in Western part of the Usambara Mountains. It is about 52 kms west of Lushoto Township. Initially Nkongoi was one of the Gare Parish’s old outstations. Priests from Gare would walk miles and miles to Nkongoi to celebrate sacraments. They would stay in Nkongoi area for a number of days to visit other small outstations. In 1965 Fr. Joseph Stout, I.C. was sent from Gare to Nkongoi to start a Parish. Fr. Tom Burke, I.C. and Sister Clarice, O.S.B. from United States of America followed Fr. Stout. Sister Clarice was a medical doctor by profession. Later Fr. Tom Burke and Sr. Clarice went back to the USA and left Fr. Joseph Stout alone in Kongoi.

At one point, Rt. Rev. Bishop Arthurs, I.C. and Fr. Kennedy, I.C. made a visit to Nkongoi. When they celebrated the liturgy, there was only one child who attended the liturgy (among other many people who attended the liturgy). The bishop directed the construction of school at the parish which would be magnet for many children to come to get both secular and religious education. The bigger church was built much later during the parish leadership of Fr. Francis Quinn, I.C. and was completed by Fr. Edmund Spillane., I.C.

Together with the construction of the new church, a new modern dispensary was erected in Nkongoi to provide primary health care to local people in the area. Prior to the existence of this dispensary local people were suffering a lot because they had to walk long distances to the major hospitals in Bumbuli or in Lushoto for health cases which could be addressed locally. The coming of this dispensary in Nkongoi was a saving act.

The work of the early Rosminian Fathers as well as the work of evangelization in Nkongoi is marked by the work of prominent local catechists who faithfully walked widely to evangelize the Good News. One prominent apostle of this area is Mr. Ernest Abdala who now (2013) is confined in his home in his old age of 91. Mr. Ernest worked tirelessly to teach the faith along with the missionary priests in the area.

The quality of evangelization in Nkongoi area was much enhanced by the presence of nuns from the Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara. The leadership of COLU sent a team of sisters in Nkongoi with expertise in religious and secular education, pastoral engagement, and health. Their presence and ministry in Nkongoi is a big plus to bringing the Gospel of Christ in the hearts of the local people.

1988 the Rosminian Fathers handed the Parish to the diocese and Fr. Francis Gembe was the first African priest to head the parish with Fr. Peter Rodousakis as his assistant.

The native priests from Kongoi Parish are: Dennis Mavunga (1975), Stanislaus Baruti (1989), Patrick Mngano (2003), Cornelius Mdoe, O.S.B. (2004).