Name of the Parish: Malindi
Address: P.O. Box 42, Lushoto, Tanzania
Phone: +255784498996/ +255719188080
Patron: St. Therese of Child Jesus
Deanery: Lushoto
Established: 1976


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. John Kika Zuakuu
Assisting Priest(s): Fr. Fraternus Mbuya
Religious Sisters: None

Sundays: 8AM & 3PM (children)
Weekdays: 6:30AM

Malindi, Kinko, Makanya, Lukozi, Hambalawei, Mtumbi, Malindi Juu, Mlalo, Hemtoye, Mziragembei,& Community of Moa/Mwangoi



Primary: 13
Secondary: 8
Colleges: 0

Health Center:



St. Teresa of Child Jesus: the patroness of our parish, pray for us!


Malindi Parish is located in the middle of western Usambara Mountains about 20 kilometers from Lushoto Township. The parish is built at the folkway connecting Lushoto Township and those towns of Mtae and Mlalo. It is said that initially Malind was the outstation of Kwai Parish. Some traced it to be the outstation of Gare Parish. It is said that Rev. Fr. Francis Hubsch, I.C. in 1937 was able to build a small church for the use of a small Catholic population who lived in this area. It is possible that Fr. Hubsch arrived in Malindi area from Gare via Kwai. When sisters of the Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara established their Motherhouse and Novitiate in Rangwi, the priest chaplains who ministered them were able to extend themselves to do pastoral work in Malindi. Later when Rangwi was made a parish, Malindi became the outstation of Rangwi Parish.

In 1972 Malindi was created as an independent parish. Even with this creation, still the parish was using the same small church which was erected back in 1937. Priests who came to minister in Malindi and its outstations continued to reside in Rangwi.

In 1980s the population if Catholics in Malindi increased rapidly due to increasing of population countrywide. In 1988 Malindi Parish was handed over to the bishop who appointed a diocesan priest, Fr. Joseph Mbenna to be the first native priest to lead the parish. With the collaboration of Fr. Athanas Meixner, OSB and the great local contribution from Malindi parishioners, Fr. Mbenna was able to build a new and big church building as well as a priests’ house. Right. Rev. Bishop Telesphor Mkude consecrated this church in 1993.

Malindi has eleven (11) Outstations. Six among them have small church buildings, and the rest have non. In those places where there are no church building for worship, Catholics will use school classroom form the local schools or just meet together in fellow Christians’ houses.

The native priest from Malindi Parish is: Maurus Shemdoe (2003).