Name of the Parish: Rangwi
Address: P.O. Box 36, Lushoto, Tanzania
Phone: +255784418878/ +255712821701
Patron: Sacred Heart of Jesus
Deanery: Lushoto
Established: 1953


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Anthony Mtunguja
Assisting Priest(s): None
Religious Sisters: Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU)

Sundays: 8:00AM
Weekdays:  7:00AM

Rangwi, Masereka, Manolo, Gologolo, & Longoi


  • COLU Motherhouse and Novitiate, P.O. Box 143, Lushoto, Tanzania.
  • Chaplaincy at Rangwi Sisters Convent, P.O. Box 143, Lushoto, Tanzania.
  • Catechetical School for Sisters of O.L. of Usambara (COLU)
  • Dispensary


Primary: 20
Secondary: 10
Colleges: 2

Health Center: 2
Dispensary:  3



Rangwi, Masereka, Manolo, Gologolo and Longoi

Rangwi, Masereka, Manolo, Gologolo and Longoi

Rangwi Parish is in located in the Usambara Mountains about 45 kms from Lushoto township on the way to Mtae. The initial establishment in Rangwi was the motherhouse and noviciate for the Congregation of Our Ladies of Usambara (COLU). The chaplain priests to the nuns extended themselves to provide spiritual and pastoral needs to local Catholics. Frs Jackie Reid, I.C. and Dick Walter, I.C. are very well known as priest chaplains to the nuns who reached out to the local Catholics in Rangwi. The presence of nuns in Rangwi has been a very positive influence to the growth of Catholic faith in this area.

It is noted that even before COLU sisters established their mother house in Rangwi, Fr. Francis Hubsch, I.C. back in 1931 had built a small church in the village of Malindi where local Catholics gathered for prayers. It is possible that Fr. Hubsch landed into Malindi from Gare via Kwai.

As the time passed by, the number of Catholics in Rangwi grew up. This fueled the need for establishing a local parish which would be independent from the motherhouse. The first move for establishing a parish in Rangwi began by the construction of the parish priest house. When this project was completed Fr. Jack O’Kane, I.C. began to build the parish church which came to completion in 1953. The completion of this church led to the birth of Rangwi Parish. The Rosminian missionary priests served this parish until 1992 when they handed the parish to the bishop who began to assign the diocesan priests to the parish. Fr. Ernest Seng’enge was the first diocesan priest to be assigned to Rangwi as the priest in-charge.

The influence of COLU nuns has continued to stimulate more religious and priestly vocations in Rangwi areas. A number of the local women joined the COLU sisters. These are like sisters Lukas, Ernest, Miriam, Angelika, Benedict and Gaspara.

The native priests from Rangwi Parish are; Joseph Kikoti (1996), Elias Maivaji (1997), Joseph Sekija (1997) and Paulo Semng’indo (2007).