Name of the Parish: Kabuku
Address: P.O. Box 61, Korogwe, Tanzania
Phone: +255753096026
Parish Patron: Sts. Gregory and Catherine 
Deanery: Tanga
Established: 1986


Priest In-Charge (Pastor): Rev. Fr. Henry Kahumba, ALCP/OSS
Assisting Priest(s): Rev. Fr. Riziki Shayo, ALCP/OSS
Religious Sisters: Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU)

Sundays: 8:00AM
Weekdays: 6:30AM

Kabuku, Taula, Mgambo, Kwedizinga, Kwalaguru, Mtakuja, Kwamnyese, Kwamaluli, Gendagenda, Kwamkonga, Kitumbi, Mkata, Kwediloko, Kwamgunga, Kweboi, Msirwa, & Chekereni

Apostolic Life Community of Priests in the Opus Sancti Spiritu (ALCP/OSS)


Kindergarten: 6
Primary: 44
Secondary: 11
Colleges: 0


Hospital: 0
Health Center: 0

Dispensary: 6



Saints Gregory and Catherine: the patrons of our parish, pray for us




Kabuku Parish is located along Segera-Chalinze highway. From the Kabuku town which is along the highway, one drives three kilometer west to arrive at the parish. Kabuku was originally an outstation of Potwe Parish. Priests from Potwe would visit this remote outstation for various religious services. The history of Catholic presence in this area goes back to 1965. At that time the Catholic population was so tiny.  The first liturgical services were conducted under a tree. Since priests from Potwe could not frequent this remotest outstation, the lay catechists led liturgical services in this area. The notable catechists who served this area were Mr. Peter Kimara and Mr. Peter Mivakuo.

In 1967 the first primary school was built to serve the growing population of children in this area. The school leadership was able to offer one classroom to be used by the local Catholics for their liturgical services. When Hale became a parish, Kabuku became one of its outstations.

In 1974 under the leadership of Fr. Ignatius Safari, a small church was built. The completion of the church allowed the Catholics to have their own place of worship instead of using the classroom in a local primary school.

In 1986, Rt. Rev. Bishop Maurus Komba sent Rev.Fr. Nazzareno Natale, I.C.  to prepare Kabuku to be a parish of its own. Few years later Fr. Nazzareno managed  to build a priests’ house together with a bigger and permanent church which was completed and consecrated in 1992 by Rt. Rev. Bishop Telesphor Mkude. Later Fr. Nazzareno built a secondary school, sisters’ house and managed to bring tape water services in the parish.
Sisters from the Congregation of Our Lady of Usambara (COLU) started their ministry in Kabuku parish since 1998. Their ministry in Kabuku is very vital in the work of evangelization.

When Fr. Nazzareno complited to build the parish he handed it to the bishop who began to assign diocesan priests for ministry. Rev. Frs Casmir Magwiza and Paul Semkuya were assigned to this parish in different times. Later the bishop gave the parish to the priests of the Works of the Holy Spirit (OSS) based in Moshi who continue to minister in the parish up to this moment.

Up to this moment, there is no a native person from this parish who has been ordained priest.