In 1990’s the Village of Kongei and nearby Villages, were facing the problem of having no secondary school. The idea was developed, and the part of the Kongei primary school was handed back to the Church for secondary school. This idea materialized because the Church agreed to build another primary school for the Kongei primary school. In 1995 the school started with form one where in 1998 had the first form IV. The school is still under renovation and expansion.

Kongei Secondary School is situated on Usambarera Mountains, in Lushoto District, Gare ward, 15 Km from Lushoto town, outside of the tarmac road 5 Km from Nyasa.


The missionaries started the school in late 1950’s. During early 1970’s, the government of Tanzania started to take some of private schools and Kongei was one of them. From there the school was made Kongei Primary School.

The owner of the school is the Diocese of Tanga.
Manager is Fr. Damian.
Headmistress is Sr. Christa Kimashi
And other member of the School Board.

The school teaches both Art and Science subjects according to the Tanzania school Curriculum. The school is doing a lot in a vision of archiving best results and competence of the students in practical and application of the knowledge.

Normally the application forms are available in the school from July to September. The joining examination is done according to date announced before. The work of marking is done within the two weeks and the report is immediately sent to the selected ones so as to give enough time for preparation of the new comers.

The school offers O – level education for three hundred and sixty (360) students in two streams. Each class has 45 students.

The school has a farm where different kinds of plants are grown. Also it raises cattle and vegetables from a small garden near the school.

Together with all school activities, the Students engaged in games and sports. Thanks to the school members since we have good and competent teacher in all sectors.


Kongei Secondary School, P.O. Box 61, Lushoto, Tanga, Tanzania.