The idea of having this School came out in 1998 during the celebration of 100 years of Christianity in Tanga. The Jubilee was to be celebrated in 1993 but because of lack of the Bishop in the Diocese in 1993 and 1994 that is why the Jubilee came to be celebrated in 1998. Don Bosco School stands as the memorial for 100 years Jubilee of Christianity in Tanga. The school takes only 60 students in different courses. These are Carpentry, mechanics of cars and motorcycle, tailoring, cooking and home care, electricity, computer and building. More than these garages the school has classes where students are taught morals and other subjects, which are important for them to be good people.

Tailoring was already there since 1990 in St. Anthony Home Craft Centre under NVTD now under VETA (Vocational Education Training Authority). This centre (Home Craft Centre) for 16 years had offered 375 girls who own validly certificate.

In 1999 the Diocese got this plot of 9.7 hectors and on 11/05/2000 Tanga municipal granted a certificate for starting building. The construction started officially in 1999 with carpentry building. The work was so difficult because the Diocese had no enough money. Four years later the school got a good number of donors in and outside our country that were ready to support this project. From outside there were donors from Germany, Austria and Monaco.

The school was officially opened in 14/08/2005 by Rt. Rev. Bishop Anthony M. Banzi. The students of St. Anthony Home Craft Centre were shifted to Don Bosco. The school has already been registered. Together with the school exams students have to sit for VETA exams.

The school has the following sectors.
1. Tailoring
2. Welding
3. Electricity
4. Building
5. Painting
6. Driving
7. Computer study

The school has 62 students, boys and girls, from different regions in Tanzania.
The school is planning to build a hostel nearby the school. This will be of a good help to students who stay far from the schoo