A social Communication department is one among other departments in the diocese of Tanga. In the time this office has done a lot.

First the Office produced the newspaper after each three months. In fact the project did not materialize. So the new paper died a natural death,
In the 100 years Jubilee of Christianity in Tanga the Office made a book, which brings forward the History and what has been done for the past 100 years.
In two last years the Office produced two calendars,

1. that of 2005 shows the pictures of priests who work in the Diocese of Tanga

2. that of 2006, shows the buildings of Parochia lChurch.

Last and most tremendous work, the Office is putting down in hundreds pages the whole necessary information of the Diocese in the Web page. This will make easier for the people in and outside the Diocese to get what they want just by clicking in the Tanga web page.
Now the Office is working hard to finalize the establishment of the Diocesan Radio, this is Radio Huruma. The radio is the best modern technology the Church can use to reach many people and evangelize to them the word of God.

Now communication director is Fr. Richard Kimbwi.