Lay Apostolate Department

The key roles of the Diocesan Director, Department of Lay Apostolate are:-

  • – To help in the formation of lay faithful, in collaboration with the clergy, as expounded at the Second Vatican Council, to live the social implication of the Gospel in such a way that this witness becomes a prophetic challenge to whatever binds the true good of men and women.
  • – To participate in the transformation of the lay faithful through teaching and values of Jesus as expressed in various Christian movements/ associations under the umbrella of the Christian Council of the Lay faithful (H/W) i.e. Catholic Women of Tanzania (WAWATA); Unity of Youth Association (UVIKATA); Moyo Mtakatifu wa Yesu, Christian Men of Tanzania (ONUM OMNES); Christian Professional of Tanzania (CPT); Legion of Mary; Mama wa Shauri Jema (MSJ); Charismatic Catholic Tanzania(CCT);┬áT.Y.C.S., Wafransisko Wasekulari wa Mt Francisco Asisi; Tanga City Catholic Choirs Union.
  • – Raising Christian/Lay faithful awareness about their role in the participation in the life of the whole Church of Christ, One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic as communion, through the association of the Lay faithful in order to bring about conclusions that are more just and loving within society.
  • – Fostering and promoting a more intimate unity between the everyday life of its members and a commitment to the service of the total dignity of the person in the socio-economic matters.
  • – To encourage the laity, their call to engage in works of charity and in the promotion of justice and peace.

Sylvester Mgoma
Director, Lay Apostolate, Tanga.