Young Catholic Students – TYCS is an evangelical group of Students who are in the Secondary Schools and Colleges. TYCS gives the Students courage to investigate their surroundings as Students in their Schools, Colleges and in the community. Also TYCS stimulates the Students to rise up their talents by the use of Spiritual studies, seminars, contemplation of the Word of God and writing their view in the TYCS magazine.

TYCS joins Students starting from the simple group found in the school, and later in the deaneries, Diocese and National wide.
TYCS brings forward the Students in their main task of evangelization of the Word of God wherever they are as Students. Also it encourages young boys and girls to join in the Priestly and Religious Vocation and prepare them to be good leaders in any sector in the Church as well as in the Country.

TYCS was started by Fr. Gerald Smith in the year 1970 in St. Anthony Cathedral Tanga. Since 1976 Fr. James Kweka has been the Patron of TYCS. In 1994 Fr. Titus Mdoe took his position as Patron of TYCS and Vocational director up to 2006 where his position was taken by Fr. John Zuakulu. TYCS is found in almost all Schools and Colleges in Tanga Diocese . TYCS has done a lot in Schools and Colleges by bringing the Students together showing their talents, knowing each other and forming good choirs in the Church, football and netball teams, entertainment groups and best drama groups.

After finishing their studies, TYCS members, have been good example of Christian life in their respective Churches. They participate well in all activities in the Church, for example in the choirs and other activities



WAWATA (Wanawake Wakatokiki Tanzania) is an organization of the Catholic women in Tanzania. It is a branch of WUCWO (The World Union of Catholic Women Organization) which is run under the rules and regulations applicable to the Catholic Church in Tanzania under T.E.C (Tanzania Episcal Conference) with the Motto: kwa Upendo wa Kristu, Tutumikie na kuwajibika(serving in the love of Christ) used by WAWATA as a greeting word, This organization official started operating in Tanga Diocese in 1974 under the leadership of the Late Fr. Gerald Chilambo the Director of Lay Apostolate by then. The first Chairperson was Mama Eva Mpangala and Mama Emmy Mapunda was the Secretary.

Leadership WAWATA serves within the Lay Apostolate Directorate at all levels answerable to the Bishop who is the head of the Diocese. The Executive Committee of five members at any level from the small Christian community to the Diocesan level is elected after three years but it can be re elected. One leader can remain in service holding same pos for only nine years.

At the Diocesan level we have had 5 Chairpersons since 1974-Mama Eva Mpangala, Mama Fortunata Oiso, Mama Flora Shayo, Mama Blandina Idama and Mama Theodora Mtejeta who is the present WAWATA National Chairperson.

LEVELS OF WAWATA/the Representatives)

The Present Diocesan Executive Committee.

Mama Theodora Mtejeta – Chairperson from St Anthony Parish
Mama Blandina Idama – Vice Chairperson St. Peter’s Parish
Mama Modesta Kijazi – Secretary St. Theresa Parish
Mama Particia Kifanga – Vice Secretary St. Anthony Parish
Mama Agnes Kessy – Treasurer St. Anthony Parish

WAWATA Executive Committee at the National Level.

Mrs Theodora Mtejeta – Chairperson from Tanga Diocese
Mrs Josephene Michese – Vice Chairperson from Sumbawanga Diocese
Mrs Oliva Luena – Secretary from Dar es Salaaam Diocese
Mrs Zipora Lion – Vice Secretary from Shinyanga Diocese
Mrs Elizabeth Twisa – Treasurer from Dar es Salaam Diocese.

(OBJECTIVES OF WAWATA (These are National)

(a) WAWATA is a unifying body of all catholic women in Tanzania for the promotion of their contribution and participation towards their developments, the church and society, enabling them to meet the challenges of the changing world. Environment for which their contribution to the development of the world’s betterment is essential.
(b) WAWATA enhances the women’s role in the Church and society to become creative and innovative, to discover new opportunities which will also enhance commitment to the communities. Working for sharing and caring so that we have loving families in the communities in Tanzania.
(c) WAWATA promotes the teaching of the Church to achieve individual and collective spiritual formation and development to uphold and defend Christian education/teaching and values in the modern changing world.
(d) Working closely with all institutions involved in the Spiritual formation and evangelization through Small Christian Communities, Promotion of social economic empowerment and development to emancipate women from oppression to enable them attains equal rights and opportunities in decision making.

• To unite and support Catholic women in the country as Christian women and citizens who have joined various groups to develop the church and the society/community.
• To mobilize such women to enable them collaborate with all other denominations in building good Christian families all over the country.
• To encourage Catholic women in their struggle to bring their socio-economic Development, at the same time recognizing their role and position in the church to enable them fulfill their responsibilities, as the Church requires them.
• To empower Catholic women participate fully in all activities of Tanzania Laity Council, Lay Association and Organizations from small Christian communities, Parish, Diocese up to the national and International level.
• To mobilize all Tanzanian Catholic Women to enable them participate in various developments and join with the World Catholic Women in fostering the moral teaching and the ethics of Catholic Church.
• To educate and mobilize WAWATA, to enable them participate fully with all Tanzanian women, in bringing social justice in society. Women are also mobilized to join various women groups and organizations in the country, which share the values and norms of the Catholic Church.
• As Members of the World Union of Catholic Women’s Organizations WAWATA works with all the Catholic Women in the World to bring Equality, Development and Peace.
• To enable Tanzanian Catholic Women be represented at various forums of WAWATA, the church and laity council.

(a) WAWATA is for all women baptized in the Catholic Church. Baptism in the Catholic Church qualifies a woman as a Catholic woman.
All women in the Catholic Church are WAWATA. Not forgetting that in any society or organization, we have dormant and the forefront ones. WE have about_________ Catholic women in Tanga Diocese excluding Children. With an average of 60 active members in each parish which gives us about 1800 active members in the Diocese.

– Meetings: Members of the executive committee at the Diocese met once every month the 3rd Saturday of the month – Other meetings at all levels are held as the constitution directs.
– Seminars: Seminars organized by the Executive committee are held at zones once every three months we have three zones Korogwe, Lushoto and Tanga.
– Care of the Need – This is well performed at parishes and outstations as well as at the SCC they organize themselves to give hand to the Needy. They visit hospitals, children centers, orphanages, old homes or individuals offering them food, clothes, money or attend them with any service they can afford.
– Service in Church
WAWATA are at the fore front; some are full participators in choirs, other read the epistles (Masomo) during Mass celebration some members in other catholic Associations. E.g. Regio Marie, Karismatic, Secret Heart of Jesus, Shauri Jema and WAWATA are a care taker and supporter of the Holy Child Hood society.
– Supporting Soni Seminary: – We are obliged to support or Junior Seminar. Each Parish has to pay a visit Soni Seminary and give either financial or material support.

WAWATA are very active at all church. Festivals and celebrations at all levels. The remarkable one, is during the last week of September celebrating our Patrons Day” Our Lady of Perpetual Help/Bikira Maria Msaada wa Wakristo. Before the last Sunday “The Pick” At all leves WAWATA organize and hold on activites can be spiritual physical. The carry on retreats. Prayer Days-Ngoma dances and even gives support to the need.

The Loan credit scheme: WASMEP
WASMEP (WAWATA Small Micro Entrepreneurs Project). It is one of the WAWATA Credit Schemes for economic Empowerment and poverty alleviation. It gives financial support as loans to women to enable them carry out small profitable micro entrepreneurial activities to ensure family support and raise their standard of living etc.

To help all Catholic women in Tanzania become active WAWATA in the implementation of our objectives and aims so as to purify one self and helping others to purification in order to attain the Kingdom of God. This can be more achieved by the support of evangelical of Education support from the entire Catholic Church in Tanzania.

The Love of Christ.