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St. Anthony's Cathedral


Young Catholic Students – TYCS is an evangelical group of Students who are in the Secondary Schools and Colleges. TYCS gives the Students courage to investigate their surroundings as Students in their Schools, Colleges and in the community. Also TYCS stimulates the Students to rise up their talents by the use of Spiritual studies, seminars, contemplation of the Word of God and writing their view in the TYCS magazine.

TYCS joins Students starting from the simple group found in the school, and later in the deaneries, Diocese and National wide.
TYCS brings forward the Students in their main task of evangelization of the Word of God wherever they are as Students. Also it encourages young boys and girls to join in the Priestly and Religious Vocation and prepare them to be good leaders in any sector in the Church as well as in the Country.

TYCS was started by Fr. Gerald Smith in the year 1970 in St. Anthony Cathedral Tanga. Since 1976 Fr. James Kweka has been the Patron of TYCS. In 1994 Fr. Titus Mdoe took his position as Patron of TYCS and Vocational director up to 2006 where his position was taken by Fr. John Zuakulu. TYCS is found in almost all Schools and Colleges in Tanga Diocese . TYCS has done a lot in Schools and Colleges by bringing the Students together showing their talents, knowing each other and forming good choirs in the Church, football and netball teams, entertainment groups and best drama groups.

After finishing their studies, TYCS members, have been good example of Christian life in their respective Churches. They participate well in all activities in the Church, for example in the choirs and other activities.