Fr.Bernard Chissi

Father: Bernard Mageuza Chisi
Mother: Kerubina Severine Luambano

Date and Place of Birth:
Date of birth: October 1958 Peramiho, Village: Ruhuwiko - Namandizi, Ward: Ruhuwiko, District: Songea Mjini , Region: Ruvuma, Country: Tanzania

Deaconate and Priesthood
Deaconate: 1992
Priesthood: 24/June/1994

Primary School Std I-VII, Seconday education form I-VII
Philosophy, Two year course,, Theology, four years course,

Other Courses and Achievement:
Clinical Pastoral education 6 months course., Financial Accounting, one year course.
Working experience:
1994 - Diocesan Procurator
1999 - Parish Priest of Mlingano Parish
2011 Sabbatical year

Died May 2012

Wasifu wake

catholic diocese of Tanga