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Bishop Maurus Komba, 1970 - 1988


The Most Rev. Bishop Maurus Komba was the first African Bishop in Tanga after Bishop Eugene C. Arthurs, I.C.

He was born in 1923 at Mitambotambo village in Mbinga District, Ruvuma Region. He got his primary education in Litembo Primary School and joined Peramiho and Kigonsera for secondary education. Later he joined Peramiho Senior Seminary for Philosophy and Theology. He was ordained priest in 15th of July, 1954.
As a Priest he worked as Parish Priest of Mbinga, Mkumbi and Mbangamao in the Diocese of Mbinga later as a Parish Priest of Peramiho and Songea in the Diocese of Songea.

He was appointed by Pope Paul VI as a Bishop of Tanga in March 1969 and consecrated Bishop of Tanga in 15th of March, 1970. He served the people of Tanga Diocese for 18 years. Because of his health which was no more good, in the year 1987, he retired and went back to his Diocese of Mbinga. He died in 15th of March, 1996 and was buried in the Church of St. Alois Gonzaga Parish, Mbinga.