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Catholic Bookshop


Religious books and magazines, liturgical vestments, tasbii, pictures, audio and video cassettes and cds have special effects in the evangelization of the word of God.

For a long time these things were not available in the diocese, people had to travel to Moshi or Dar to buy them. In solving the above problem Bishop Anthony Banzi decided to start a Diocesan bookshop. After getting enough money, he started to reconstruct the building which was formally bishop’s office. In February 2, 1997 the shop was opened named St. Anthony’s Bookshop.

In the year 2003 the shop was shifted to another build, youth building, near Tanga Post Office. A lot of problem of getting Altar wine, bible, liturgical vestments etc can now be solved by visiting this shop.
The shop offers a good service to a good number of Christians in the diocese Catholics and non-Catholics.