Catholic Diocese of Tanga
The Cross at Manundu parish
The World Youth Cross
Bishop Koda of Same, handing over the Cross to Bp A. Banzi
Bp A. Banzi, at Kilole Parish during the Mass,  7th,Dec. 2006
Faithful during the Mass at Kilole Parish
everyone needed to touch the cross

It was on the 6th day of December 2006, when the youth group of Tanga Diocese received the The World Youth Cross from youth group of Same Diocese. The cross stayed one day in our land of Tanga, and left to Bagamoyo Morogoro Diocese. The cross spent the night at Kilole parish. The night was full of different activities, special prayers to the cross, songs and drama from different youth groups. On the second day, 7th day of December, 2006 Bishop Anthony Banzi, bishop of Tanga Diocese, led a group of young people in a special prayer and mass before sending the cross to Manga the boarder of Tanga region and Pwani Region, which was handed over to Morogoro Diocese. Really they are unforgettable days to the Youth Groups of Catholic Diocese of Tanga.

We hope and believe that all places where the cross passed left something special, the faith of the people increased Christians and non Christians. People admired, surely Christ touched a lot of people and spoke to them and hilled their wounds.
The cross passed through various Parishes including Mazinde Ngua, Mombo, Manundu and Kilole where they spent the whole night. Almost 500 youths attended the cerebrations from various Parishes including:- St. Anthony, St. Mathias Mulumba – Usagara, St. Theresia, St. Peters – Pongwe and Muheza both from Tanga Deanery. Also Sakharani Parish, Mazinde Ngua attended the cerebration. Furthermore Manundu Parish, Mombo Parish, Hale Parish, and Kilole Parish from Korogwe Deanery attended. Lastly were Kabuku Parish and Handeni Parish from Handen Deanery.

Thanks to everyone who participated in these two days.

We thanks God in advance for He made possissble to us to recieve this woundfull cross and got grace form our Lord Jesus Christ.

Praise be Jesus Christ, ---- Now and forever

The faithful at Kilole Parish, ready to spend the night praying before the Cross
Fr. Paul Semkuya, before the Cross and Virgin Mary picture
youth with the Cross at Mazinde Ngua
Rain could not stop them on praying before the cross at Mombo parish