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Mhelo, Yoghoi


Lushoto Parish is located in Lushoto Township which is in the middle of western Usambara Mountains. When Tanga became a Prefecture in the year 1950, Lushoto was thought to be the bishop’s see. The diocese identified the plot to establish its diocesan headquarter when it purchased the land and some buildings from a local businessman who owned the hotel. After acquiring the space, the diocese decided to build up church with the status of the cathedral. Fr. Benedict, I.C. and Brother Fortunatus, OSB  started to build a church.  The church building in Lushoto is one among the most beautiful and specious churches in the diocese up to these days. In its completion,  Rt. Rev. Bishop Eugene Arthurs together with Edgar Aristide Marantha, O.F.M.Cap.,  the bishop of Dar-Es-Salaam consecrated the church. The opening of this church and the parish center in Lushoto brought a new spirit of the work of evangelization in Usambara Mountains.

In 1953 Precious Blood Sisters relocated their dental clinic from Kifungilo village to Lushoto where they had already built a school for coloured people children. These two, a school and a dental clinic became good tools for evangelization to the people of Lushoto. Many local people who experienced the work of nuns working in the dental clinic and school were attracted to the Christian faith too. Nowadays, the dental clinic has been modernized and become. The long leadership of Sr. Eileen, C.P.S. has been very instrumental to the well being of this clinic in the area and in the whole country. The clinic has attracted many people from all over the country and from all social economic backgrounds.

The Rosminian Fathers served this parish from its inception until 1976 when they handed it to the bishop. The first African priest to serve the parish as priest in-charge was Fr. Vitus Nkondora. Recently, the bishop has requested the Rosminian Fathers to serve the parish.

Lushoto Parish is surrounded by a number of institutions. There is a House for Precious Blood Sisters and COLU Sisters. There are three Primary schools, three Kindergartens, one International school, a center for Orphan children and Upendo Vocational Center managed by the Precious Blood Sisters. There is also Montessori teachers training center which is under COLU Sisters. There are number secondary schools such as Shambalai and Mazinde Juu. There is a Law College, Rosminian Formation House and Holy Ghost Formation House.

In recent years the bishop of Tanga requested the Rosminian Fathers to take the leadership of Lushoto Parish. Together with Rosminian priests who work at the Formation House, the priest in-charge in Lushoto is providing pastoral ministry to Montessori Teachers Training Center. The parish also has St. Benedict Hostel and one kindergarten school.

The native priests from Lushoto Parish are; Francis Gembe (1981), Silas Singano (1986), Edwin Kimwemwe (1991), Maximilian Mahonge (1997), na Benedikti Shemfumbwa (2000). 

Kindergaten School

St. Benedict Hostel Lushoto