Padre Passian Salimu Kika


Fr. Passian Salimu Kika
Father: Alphonce Salimu Kika
Mother: Anthonia Norbert Kaoneka

Date of Birth: March 1963 Village: Mazinde Ward: Mombo District: Korogwe Region: Tanga Country: Tanzania

August 12, 1992: Deacon at Kwamndolwa Sisters Convent in Korogwe, Tanzania
June 24, 1994: Priest St. Anthony Cathedral in Tanga, Tanzania
Primary School Education 1973 - 1978: Std I-VII Mazinde Primary School in Lushoto

1979 - 1982: Form I-IV at Soni Seminary in Soni, Tanzania
1983 – 1985: Form V-VI at St. Peter’s Seminary in Morogoro, Tanzania
1986-1988: Philosophy at Ntungamo Senior Seminary in Bukoba, Tanzania
1991 - 1992: Pastoral Year Internship at Soni Seminary School in Soni, Tanzania
1988-1993: Theology at Kipalapala Senior Seminary in Tabora, Tanzania

1994 – 1995: Teacher and Formator at Soni Seminary School in Soni, Tanzania
1996 – 1998: Assisting Priest at St. Theresa Parish in Tanga, Tanga
1998 – 2000: Assisting Priest at St. Anthony Cathedral Parish in Tanga, Tanzania
2000 – 2002: Priest In-Charge (Pastor) at Kwediboma Parish in Handeni, Tanzania
2002 – 2005: Assisting Priest at St. Mathias Mulumba in Tanga, Tanzania
2005- 2011: Priest In-Charge (Pastor) at Rangi Parish in Lushoto, Tanzania
2011 - 2016: Priest in-Charge (Pastor) Maramba Parish in Maramba, Tanzania
2016 - Present: Priest In-Charge (Pastor) at Kwai Catholic Parish

Kwai Catholic Parish
P.O. BOX 73,
Lushoto, Tanzania.
Phone: +255784269663
catholic diocese of Tanga